Senior bureaucrat unaware of any new events

Steven Marshall’s most senior bureaucrat is “not aware” of any events replacing the Adelaide 500 – despite the Premier’s star-studded ‘events advisory group’ being formed seven months ago. 

Yesterday, in the Parliamentary Budget and Finance Committee, Department of Premier and Cabinet chief executive Nick Reade made the revelation: 


CHAIRPERSON: The (Adelaide) 500 car race, what events are replacing that and how will they stack up against the income that the Clipsal 500 generated and the jobs that Clipsal generated?  

READE: I'm not aware of any at the moment. EventsSA is undertaking the review and I am certainly happy to take that on notice. I am not aware of any at the moment.


CHAIRPERSON: Just to be clear, you are not aware of any single events that are going to replace the (Adelaide) 500?

READE: I will take it on notice. I am not specifically aware. 

In 2019, the Adelaide 500 injected $45.9 million into the State’s economy, creating 435 full-time jobs and attracting more than 15,000 interstate visitors. However, it was axed by Steven Marshall. 
At the time the Premier assured the South Australian public that the Events Advisory Group would help “supercharge” the South Australian events calendar.  
Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism Zoe Bettison 

We have been asking and asking about what is going to replace the Adelaide 500 in the South Australian events calendar, so what is taking Steven Marshall so long? 
Our hospitality and tourism sectors have been some of the most heavily impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic and keeping them waiting for the lifeline that these events might offer is nothing short of cruel. 
How many more months are these industries going to have to wait until something is announced?