Cuts to tourism hurt international visitor spend

International tourists to South Australia are taking shorter trips and spending less money, according to latest Tourism Research Australia data.

The latest International Visitor Survey data for the year ending June 2019 reveals:

  • 11% decline in international visitor nights (down 1,000 nights)
  • 5% decline in visitor spend (down $63 million)

This news follows from recent growth projections from Tourism Research Australia which predict a 1.6% decline in international visitor nights to South Australia next financial year.

The Marshall Liberal Government is cutting $23 million from the tourism budget over five years.  In its first budget last year $11 million was cut. This year, the Government announced $12 million in additional cuts over four years, slashing tourism marketing to a five-year low.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism Zoe Bettison 

The Marshall Liberal Government cut funding to international marketing, and now we’re seeing the results.

The Government is too busy thinking about selling “Old Mate” to the eastern states rather than marketing SA to the world.

The $63 million decline in international visitor spend in the 12 months to June 2019 means less money flowing to South Australia.

Fewer tourism dollars means fewer jobs for South Australians.