Empty rooms: occupancy rates fall at SA hotels

The number of occupied rooms in South Australian hotels has suffered the second biggest fall of any state in Australia.

Tourism Research Australia’s annual Australian Accommodation Monitor reveals there was a 1.2% fall in the number of occupied rooms at SA hotels over the past year, and a 2.6% decline in per room revenue.

Only Queensland had a bigger fall in occupancy rates.

The accommodation industry has called for increased tourism marketing to attract more visitors to South Australia and avoid a glut in hotel rooms.

Yet the Marshall Liberal Government is cutting $23 million from the tourism budget.

The Liberals are also giving Adelaide Oval a $42 million taxpayer-funded loan to build a new hotel, which will compete with existing private hotels.

Industry estimates predict an approximate 20% increase of Adelaide’s hotel room supply by 2021.

The tourism industry directly employs 39,000 people in South Australia, with visitors spending approximately $7.6 billion to the economy.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism Zoe Bettison

Tourism is an important job creator in the South Australian economy.

But the Marshall Liberal Government has turned its back on this sector and is cutting $23 million from tourism. 

Instead, the Liberals are handing out $42 million to build a hotel at Adelaide Oval.

The hotel industry is hurting because this Government does not value tourism.