Marshall Liberal Government Gags Parliamentary Committee Investigating Ambulance Ramping On Eve Of State Election

Liberal members of a Parliamentary Committee investigating the Marshall Liberal Government's ambulance ramping crisis have buried the committee's draft interim report and are refusing to release it.

The Liberal MPs drafted their own sanitized version of the report and then voted not to release any report from the inquiry.
The Legislative Review Committee received 44 submissions to its inquiry and has heard harrowing evidence of the impact of ramping including from paramedics who told the committee crew shortages and ramping were leading to deaths and unnecessary suffering.
An interim report was sent to committee members on Monday, drafted by the committee's research officers.
But yesterday the committee met and was presented with an amended report authored by its Chair, Nicola Centofanti. This version of the report was a skeleton of the original draft, containing no summary of evidence and no outline of the issues.
Despite protests from Labor members of the committee, Zoe Bettison and Irene Pnevmatikos, the Liberal members voted not to release nor table the report.
This means that the Labor committee members cannot file a minority report on the inquiry.
Quotes attributable to Shadow Health Minister Chris Picton
What are the Liberals trying to hide by burying this report that has been drafted?
Clearly, they have much to hide, including record levels of ambulance ramping under the Marshall Liberal Government. In 2021, ramping was 485% worse than just four years ago before the Liberals came into government. Adelaide’s ambulance response times are now the worst in the country.
The Legislative Review Committee's report will never see the light of day because the Liberals want to bury bad news about their awful record on the eve of the election.
Quotes attributable to Labor MP and Member of the Legislative Review Committee Zoe Bettison
This inquiry by the Legislative Review Committee was based on the petition of the Ambulance Employees Association which was signed by more than 44,000 South Australians.
The action by the Liberal members of this committee is a slap in the face to all the signatories and the witnesses who presented to the committee. They are preventing transparency and public scrutiny.
Quotes attributable to Labor MLC and Member of the Legislative Review Committee Irene Pnevmatikos
The Liberal committee members have effectively gagged this committee.
The committee heard from numerous witnesses with really tragic stories about ambulance ramping, and the impact of delays in ambulances responding to emergency calls.
This action by the Liberal members of the committee was disrespectful to the witnesses and the people who provided submissions to the committee.