Stayz welcomes new proposal for Holiday Rental Register and Code of Conduct

Leading holiday rental website, Stayz today welcomed the South Australian Opposition’s new proposal to create a register of all holiday rentals and a code of conduct for the industry as a step forward for certainty and clarity.

Stayz supports the proposals from the South Australian Opposition to create a mandatory register of all holiday rental accommodation properties, as well as a new code of conduct for the sector. Both the register and code of conduct would be backed by civil penalties to ensure compliance with the proposed regulations. The new proposal follows similar moves in New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Stayz Corporate Affairs Director, Eacham Curry said that Stayz strongly endorses the proposed changes as a step forward for clarity and certainty for the growing holiday rental industry in South Australia. “Stayz consistently advocates for state-wide regulation that contains a simple registration scheme for all holiday rental listings, a code of conduct that is backed by a strikes-based disciplinary regime, and an industry body to adjudicate compliance with the code of conduct,” Mr Curry said. “By clarifying the boundaries of our sector, a simple register of all holiday rentals has the potential to ensure that local governments, communities and our industry can work together to improve amenity and help governments make more informed decisions about urban planning, infrastructure and municipal services. “When implemented correctly in other parts of the world, the registration of all holiday rentals has proven to be a low-cost and effective way of informing the development of sensible rules for our growing sector. “Similarly, the code of conduct will ensure that complaints about poor behaviour in all holiday rentals can be swiftly and decisively acted upon. This will ensure that the holiday rental industry can continue to meet community standards and weed out holiday rental listings that are not doing the right thing. “The proposed regulations strike the right balance between tough new rules that will improve the industry, but also ensure the sector can meet its economic potential. “If enacted, the proposal for a holiday rental register and enforceable code of conduct will bring the state into line with the leading jurisdictions in Australia. As a result, Stayz endorses the proposal by Zoe Bettison MP and the South Australian Opposition and calls on the Parliament to adopt the proposed changes into law. “Stayz welcomes further conversations with the South Australian Parliament about its regulatory approach to short-term rental accommodation and will proactively engage to help develop a policy framework that both improves the sector and ensures it can meet its potential,” Mr Curry concluded.

Stayz’s key state-wide policy recommendations for the South Australian Parliament are:

• Compulsory and simple registration for all properties listed on a short-term rental accommodation platform, that will help inform sensible and easily understood policy.

• The creation of a mandatory short-term rental code of conduct for owners and managers – including a three strikes rule for those who do not meet the standards.

• A new largely industry-funded and administered body to quickly address problems and adjudicate questions about amenity, noise and overcrowding at short-term rental accommodation properties.

Key facts about holiday rentals in South Australia (all data to be attributed to ACIL Allen Economics)

• The holiday rental industry injected $264.6 million into the SA economy and supported 1,726 jobs across the state in 2017/18.

• 435,095 room nights of accommodation were booked via an online holiday rental platform across South Australia in 2017/18.

• Just under half (48%) of all holiday rental revenues were from areas outside of Adelaide.

• Adelaide, Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Limestone Coast were the most popular holiday rental destinations in 2017/18.