Tourism Industry Warns 5000 Jobs At Risk

The peak tourism industry body has warned there is now a very real prospect of 5000 jobs being lost in the industry unless the Marshall Liberal Government provides urgent financial support.

Tourism Industry Council of South Australia’s Chief Executive, Shaun de Bruyn, issued the blunt warning having been inundated with pleas from struggling tourism operators.
“... we estimate that there’s 5,000 (accommodation operator) jobs at peril and without Government intervention those jobs will be lost, there’s jobs being lost every day in the accommodation sector in Adelaide right now... that’s not the indirect jobs, the indirect jobs are a whole other thing...
- Mr de Bruyn, 5AA radio
The pandemic has hit the industry hard with some Adelaide hotels reporting occupancy rates at or below 10 per cent.
That’s down even on the record lows reported by the South Australian Tourism Commission last year when rates fell 19 per cent in April 2020, compared to 81 per cent at the same time the year before.
Operators want the Marshall Liberal Government to bring the next round of the Great State Voucher forward by a month to 1 September.
Earlier this month, Labor set out a package of measures it wanted the Marshall Liberal Government to implement, including targeted financial assistance to make the industry sustainable until the worst impacts of the pandemic have passed.
Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism Zoe Bettison
The accommodation sector is in truly dire straits and for many they have no choice but to cut jobs to keep their businesses afloat.
The last thing South Australians need is to lose even more jobs.
Tourism and accommodation providers want to keep South Australians in work, but they desperately need Government support to aid them in getting through this tough period.
I’m hearing occupancy rates continue to plummet in the city with some operators hovering at around 10 per cent occupancy and there is no end in sight.
Quotes attributable to Miller Apartments owner Martin Gribble

We need stimulus until the borders re-open, it is what we are hanging out for.
We are standing staff down and cutting hours back.
People have no confidence to travel. All the CBD accommodation providers are struggling.