Lobbying State Government
Zoe knows that tourism is a major employer in our state and strongly believes that investing in this area is crucial.

Tourism: A super-growth industry

Tourism generates 10% of jobs globally and this is reflected in the 39,000 people directly employed within the visitor economy here in South Australia.

We have 18,000 tourism businesses in South Australia and 13,600 hotel rooms which operate across 269 properties.

Tourism is worth $7.6 billion to the South Australian economy, of which 44% is spent in regional South Australia, providing an invaluable boost to our country communities.

Since the creation of the South Australian Tourism Plan 2020, launched in 2014 by the Labor Government, the value of tourism to SA has grown from $5.1 billion to the current $7.6 billion.

The possibilities for increased jobs and increased state revenue from our Tourism sector are virtually endless. This is a super-growth industry.


The Liberals are making South Australian tourism go backwards...

The Marshall Liberal Government’s cuts to tourism have shattered business confidence in the tourism industry. 

So far under the Marshall Liberal Government:

  • The SA tourism budget was cut by $23 million

  • Tourism marketing fell to a five-year low

  • There was an 11% decline in international visitor nights (down 1,000 nights)

  • There was a 5% decline in international visitor spend (down $63 million)

  • There was a 1.2% fall in the number of occupied rooms at SA hotels

  • South Australia was embarrassed by the disastrous ‘Old Mate’ advertising campaign

Steven Marshall is taking on the portfolio after sacking David Ridgway, despite supporting all of Ridgway’s decisions as Minister.


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